Combi Nemulila Auto Swing / Multi-Function Parenting Station


SKU: 116431

Is the Parenting Station Really Necessary?

Most of the new parents may not imagine how exhausting when taking care of their babies.Babies aways fall asleep with difficulty and keep ceting all the time,then mothers may collapse easily.
Parenting station is the extra pair of hands for the parents to take care of baby."Can be relaxed "and "so useful" are the reviews by customers who have used Combi Parenting Station.

Parenting Station gives you more comforable and high quality parenting Life.

Auto swing function

It can swing for 15 minutes with 4 speed levels and stop automatically to let baby fall sleep easily. 

Dreamy music

7 Lullabies in 4 volume levels to sooth baby falling asleep easily. 


Silent wheels

Moving around more easily at home with rubber wheels in silent.

5 adjustable angles

Angle adjustable backrest is connected to the footrest which is a Combi unique design. It ensures comfortable positions for the baby when sleeping or feeding.

Height adjustable seat

The height of the chair can be adjusted to 5 levels according to different needs. 

Box-shape design

The newborn baby will feel safe while staying in this box-shape design.

Machine washable seat cushion

The seat cushion is detachable and machine washable which is more convenient for cleaning.

One-touch 5 point seat belt

Shoulder belt provides better protection to baby. One-touch button design for easy operation. 

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